Boglioli-K-Jacket2 Jun 2014

Boglioli K-Jacket – A Quick Look

The Double Breasted Boglioli K-Jacket The Boglioli Niccola K- Jacket is very light weight double breasted jacket cut in a 290 gram wool/mohair blend hop-sack cloth. The weave is open, making it a great choice for hot summer days. The model is Boglioli's K-Jacket, has side-vents and 2 patch-pockets. Construction is natural shoulders and unlined and the size 50 measures 72.5 cm. The fit is trim to regular, and for a slim fit we often

Boglioli Dover21 May 2014

Boglioli Dover Sport Coats

Boglioli Dover Sport Coats Shetland Dunface Our new Boglioli Dover Sport Coats  is Shetland Dunface sheep, known for its high quality wool, was deemed endangered as recent as the 1970's. Only a major push for the survival of the race saved the breed from extinction. Boglioli, the Italian Tailoring House from Gambara, Brescia are among those seeing the romance and beauty of the Shetland wool. Cut for this Dover style sport coat, the Shetland wool gives the jacket a

Sale – Gimo’s Milano

  Gimo's "Milano" This is a leather quilted jacket that has an elegant and sophisticated look. It is insulated for warmth but not bulky. With it's tailored fit, the silhouette is sleek. It is perfect for dress and is a great alternative to the generic down jacket. Good for all types of weather and conditions.  Available in three colors: Vintage Brown, Taupe & Slate Blue. Buy